Algorithm Audit consists of an executive board, an advisory board and works with audit commissions composed of independent experts. Learn more about Algorithm Audit.

About Algorithm Audit

In 2021, Algorithm Audit was founded on the idea that ethics in algorithmic methods urgently needs case-based experience and a bottom-up approach. We are registred as a Dutch nonprofit organization (stichting). Our main activities are:

i) Audit commissions

Forming independent audit commissions for advising on ethical issues emerging in concrete algorithmic practices. Resulting over time in a case repository.

ii) Technical tooling

Implemening and testsing technical tools to detect and mitigate bias in practice. See our bias scan tool.

iii) Advocacy

By connecting international professionals and sharing knowledge with society and policy makers.

Board members

Jurriaan Parie

Jurriaan has a background in statistics and data science. He has been working in academia and industry on Trustworthy AI.

Ariën Voogt

Ariën has a background in physics and philosophy. He currently pursues a PhD in philosophy and theology at the Protestant Theological University Amsterdam.

Advisory board


International experts from a range of disciplines and professional backgrounds contribute to the work of Algorithm Audit. Expertise from among others data science, policy making, law and ethics strenghtens our problem statements, white papers and advocay work.

Audit commissions

The composition of audit commissions varies per case. The exact makeup of commissions is shared here: Cases.